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Colour Design

Colour is one of the cornerstones of any design. We will help you integrate the perfect colour palette into your design.

Online & In-Person Colour Consulting

Choosing colours can be overwhelming. We will consult you on your needs to simplify the process. Our consulting services can be done online or in the comfort of your own home.

Colour Consultation with Swatches, Floor Plans, Laptop and Tablet
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Colour Strategy

Choosing the right colours to create the perfect mood or psychological effect is not just an art. Let us remove the guesswork by giving you a colour scheme based on scientific data.

Online and In-Person Colour Training

We offer online courses and coaching to teach designers, creatives and colour enthusiasts more about colour, and how to make money from your love for colour, even during a pandemic.

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Colour Consultation with Swatches, Floor Plans, Laptop and Tablet

Colour Trends & Inspiration

Stay on top of your game by keeping up to date with colour trends, and be inspired by beautiful design.

Need Help Choosing the Right Colour?

With the overwhelming amount of colour choices, we know things can get overwhelming. That is why we offer colour design, consulting, strategy and training to help you make better colour decisions. Click on the button below to tell us more about your needs so we can help you choose the perfect colour palette.